Adelante was founded on three core ideals: Scholarship, Fellowship, and Leadership. To this day, our members strive to uphold our ideals to the highest standard.


At Adelante, we strive to promote academics in all our members. We believe we are first here to learn and for that, Scholarship is our first ideal. We promote academics by requiring our members to achieve a minimum of a 2.5 GPA in order to stay active members. A scholarship is provided each semester for members who show they are working to uphold this ideal and achieve a 3.0 GPA or higher. Adelante also has a scholarship for incoming freshmen that live in house.


While scholarship is our first ideal, Fellowship is the next. At Adelante we work to improve our social lives within the Ames community, as well as enjoying our years as college students at Iowa State. We actively participate in Homecoming and Greek Week with our sorority pairing. Our members work with the pairing on skits, banners, tournaments, and other events for the weeks. These are some of the most exciting and fun times of the year! They are great opportunities to meet many of the other members of the Greek Community.

Besides participating in Homecoming and Greek Week, our members are greatly involved in the community and clubs. Not only are they members but, many hold executive positions. Some examples of the clubs are: Interfraternity Council, University Honors Program, ISU Paintball Club, ISU Snowboard Club, and others.

We also participate in multiple intramurals throughout the year. Broomball has always been a chapter favorite.


Our third ideal, Leadership, is also held up to a high regard. As Adelante’s we work to develop our members into strong leaders for positions in college, as well as after they graduate.

While in college, members of Adelante have multiple opportunities to hold leadership positions within the fraternity. Positions range from simple positions like Intramural Co-Chair to executive positions like being President. Although some positions aren’t available right when you join, the simpler positions work as stepping stones to prepare for the more executive leadership positions.

We also encourage our members to strive to hold leadership positions not only within our fraternity, but also in clubs and the community, as many of our members do.