The Pledging Process

While pledging to Adelante, new members will go through new member education. New member education is set up for the new members to learn about fraternity life as well as the history of Adelante, as well as the Greek Community at Iowa State. Each week during their pledge-ship new members meet with the New Member Educator in a relaxed meeting to get accustomed to Adelante and bond with their fellow pledge brothers.

Along with having a close bond with your pledge brothers, new members are adopted into a “family” by a Pledge Father. The Pledge Father is there to be their personal guide helping them through their pledging process and being their to aid them in whatever they may need from academic to personal needs. The Pledge Father/Son/Family bond is one of the closest bonds a member will have at Adelante, and it will continue on for the rest of their lives.

Hazing Policy

Adelante proudly has a no hazing policy. Hazing is against Adelante and Iowa State University laws, rules, and standards. We believe at Adelante that hazing goes completely against what we are trying to do; build a successful and lasting brotherhood. Hazing will absolutely not be tolerated and anti-hazing policies are strictly enforced throughout recruitment, new member education, and activation.


There are two scholarships available to new members.

The first is available for a new members first year if they are living in-house. The amount awarded varies on the GPA recieved by the new member each semester of that year. In the past iPads have also been awarded in addition.

The next is available every semester a member lives in house. If a member receives a 3.0 GPA or higher he qualifies for the scholarship. The amount awarded varies depending members, but has a minimum of $500.

These scholarships are possible because of the Adelante Education Foundation, and we cannot thank them enough for their continued support.


One big thing that many wonder about is the cost. Our rate at Adelante is $3250 a semester. The cost covers room & board, and 10 catered meals a week. This is cheaper than living in the dorms and is about the same price as a middle priced apartment/house. Out-of-house membership fee is currently $400.